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canon c500 used

Maybe it will kick start things with the likes of Convergent Design and Atomos; but as it’s such an old workflow, don’t hold your breath…. Despite a firmware update in 2014 that enabled the fan of the C500 to turn off when recording starts, after 8 minutes or so of 4K recording, the fan will come back on. Is it loud enough to be heard by your sound recordist? Three expansion units and user changeable lens mounts enable operators to build their ideal cinema system. Enter the Canon C500 Mark II Canon’s Cinema range of cameras has been building a name for itself ever since the first C300 entered the market. While the external fans produced by AbleCine and Chris McGuiness are no longer in production, we’re happy to offer an updated version to bring new life to the C500. Is there some cod-RAW happening with the output of the system? I might be forgetting some things but my point is that while the GH5 is a nice camera and I’m sure enough camera for many people (and at an affordable price) I wouldn’t say the C500 is “not worth looking at…” Just depends on the shooter and what the kind of content they are making. In post-production, Canon Log is designed to reproduce the entire tonal range that the CMOS image sensor is capable of. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. With all the add-ons (and it needs the add-ons), it is an absolute, used bargain shooting at 12 bit 2k or 10 bit 4k. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. In the C500’s case, it’s super small and light, the backlit side-buttons are already set up with your most used features but are all easily re-mappable. Lacks pro mod-cons for me to consider it. Used Canon C300 Mark II Cinema EOS Camcorder Body - PL Lens Mount (717 Hours) 1279025 E-. I love mine so much. It’s a 1080p paperweight. If you need more you can just rent. The streaming and production giant has stringent quality control standards, which are much higher than many other broadcasters. EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM. I’m just not sure if they support 60/120 fps. That camera seems to fly off rentals shelves more than the MKII. canon c500. The EOS C500 Mark II supports Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 Gamma. Probably no support for HFR C500 to PRORESRAW, and especially not for HALF RAW within Atomos or CD. I couldn’t swap it for an Arri mini because it does so much more. 709. 1080p is obsolete? If you did deep – and check your bit rates and bits per second there is soo much quality in this camera…we didn’t know how to unlock it at first. I will give you a quick list of reasons as to why you SHOULD consider a C500, as the bulk of this article may otherwise seem like a list of reasons to NOT buy it. I had my own reasons for my love affair with the Canon old boy. I bought the Mk2 instead for the internal codec, smaller setup, less gak, less power draw, more DR, newest tech. Get the best deals for canon c500 mark ii at eBay.com. Rehearsing handover from Russian Arm to car internal with Canon EOS C500 II . The film “Arrival” was shoot in ARRIRAW (2.8K). Comes as photographedUsedWorkingNO Zgrip Z-Mount camera shoulder mount handheld rig genus genustech universal can be used on many cameras. This prosumer camcorder includes an integrated electronic viewfinder, a 4-inch touchscreen LCD display monitor, a versatile operating handle, a comfortable hand grip, a mic holder, and an assortment of other useful accessories for your professional videography needs. Read our full Privacy Policy here. The C500 was announced in late 2012, and back then Canon considered it as their top-of-the-tree Cinema solution. 13 watching. Also, using ProRes RAW on an Atomos Shogun Inferno captures a spectacular image. In 2K and 4K modes, the camera eats batteries, i.e. you’ll get less than 1 hour on a BP-955. In fact, this is one of the system’s major strengths. Just stock up on storage if you plan on shooting lots of 60/120, those cards fill up quick! Luckily I ended up getting a very good deal on a new C500 + Odyssey 7Q and since then I haven’t looked back. Something went wrong. The EOS C500 PL fully supports both 4K and 2K image resolutions; as such, it is the ideal choice for demanding video productions across a wide gamut that ranges from high-quality commercials and TV dramas to motion-picture releases. If you’re looking to purchase a C500 in today’s market as a single-operator style camera system, you really only have one choice: the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+.Superseding the Gemini 4:4:4, the Odyssey 7Q+ takes on the guise of a modern recorder – light and compact, and also doubles up as a monitoring aid. the Mk2 is one of the nicest cameras I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked with so many cameras from Aaton LTR, 35/3 and Ecalir ACL thru betacam, HDcam, and P2 eng cameras. So? It would be interesting to hear what filmmakers in general think of the Canon C500, how do you feel it holds in the context of today’s market? Would you get one if the price was right? The fans never actually kicked in, I just got bored and figured the test was conclusive enough. I brought canon c 500 pl mount,is there any way to record 2k at 120fps or 4k half raw at 120fps externaly using the odessy7q+ or other recorder-dr asok, Yes in 4K half raw, no slow motion in 2K at all. $29.00 shipping. These will be a more practical and hands-on set of observations. Browse Models - C300 Mark II, C200, C100. It depends on the lenses you are going to use it with. A used C500 with all the add-ons is half the price of a used C300 Mkii, cheaper than a used FS7 Mkii and frankly, is a steal at that price. Interesting but quite baffling discussion this one. Currently, however, it only converts the raw signal at standard frame rates to Apple ProRes, with no high frame rate support or Dual 3G-SDI support, which you need for capturing Half Raw 100-120 fps or Raw 50/60 fps on the C500. The EOS C500 Mark II is an advanced and compact digital cinema camera with a 5.9K full-frame sensor and a brand new image processing platform. But bang for buck I have a much better camera that I can bring with me wherever I go and is honestly much more camera than I will ever need for years to come. Brian Muna yup, I thought it was internal raw. I thought I’d share a few thoughts for those considering a similar purchase. Sure, we hire in all types of cameras and have a couple more in the background but the C500 is our constant go-to. No spam, guaranteed! Free shipping. Sensor, dynamic range is more important than 4K. However, sometimes there is value in taking a step back and re-evaluating what’s already available out there. While the GH5 does have some nice specs it does not have internal ND filters, built in XLR inputs, professional color gamuts (I can shoot Rec. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m the first one to notice this little old gem hidden under the big, steaming pile of new cameras growing seemingly every month. Do a bit of research and you’ll find the plenty of forum topics where filmmakers romanticise owning their very own cinema camera that was used for that blockbuster film, by that top DOP. http://www.pulsecinema.com/canon-c500-fan-noise-solution-external-fan-unit/, Chris McGuinnesshttp://www.pulsecinema.com. EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM. I would say $350 is actually kind of inexpensive when you consider this industry, the gear needed to make the unit, and the time spent fabricating it, LOL and it is definitely more elegant…. Canon's Tim Smith notes that the camera is also getting plenty of HD use aside from the Will Smith sci-fi adventure. Cameras used: RED, Canon C500 mkii, Canon C300 mkii, Blackmagic Design, Panasonic Lenses used: Canon Cines, Zeiss Cines, Rokinon Cines. Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens | Built-in Wi-Fi|24.1 MP CMOS Sensor |DIGIC 4+ Image Processor and Full HD Videos. The previous two points highlight why the C500 can only really be considered in today’s market with the addition of an Odyssey 7Q+. Both of these companies got to me the next day, and both followed up a second time with more information. The C500 onboard menu boasts 1-120p in 2K, but the Odyssey 7Q+ doesn’t support any of this. Almost all content out there is 1080p/2K so please explain how 1080p is obsolete. Electronics $399.00 $ 399. EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM. Love the camera. What value does it have in today’s market? What I really want to know is is the 3G SDI out of the C500 10-bit with a baked in gamut? I’ve taken it across Europe from Munich to Madrid and it’s taken a battering. Canon is touting that the C300 Mark III can be used for a variety of applications including documentaries, TV programs, TV news, and corporate videos. If I need something better I will just rent it. Inferno does do 24/30p, another will need to confirm what format that is (I can’t recall). But I like the massive files and data rate of C500 RMF – it is such a high quality source unlike most compressed “RAW” video. You need to pay $2,199 extra for a locking EF mount (called EF-C) from Canon. Canon's Log 3 Gamma supports 14 stops of dynamic range. Have you turned on your tv lately? Simply put, without an external recorder, you get nothing worth noting spec-wise in the C500 that you don’t already get in a C300 Mark I. It’s a fantastic camera, great visuals and we love it. Canon Log 2 and 3 Support . Totally still worth it – made the purchase about 6months ago and we’re still stoked on it. There’s even a guy in the U.S that sells bolt-on upgraded fan units, but they come at a bit of a price. With the right rig, it’s fantastic. It quickly garnered a reputation for both picture quality and reliability in the field, being used by major broadcasters for … Congrats on your purchase – it’s an awesome camera and it’ll serve you well for quite awhile. USED Canon EOS C500 MKII Body - Rating 8/10 (S30752) JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. https://www.facebook.com/cinemaEOSusers/?fref=ts. Used once so in excellent condition. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Camcorders. I’ve been outfitting it over the last six months with pro gear and rigging, and thankfully I have been able to find just about everything I need used, which keeps the cost way down. Do you still have the c500 how good is it you got examples, I just bought one here I go …how do I edit it ….give me any pointersU got any sample footage. If you’re just using Canon still lenses then probably not. Last Updated : 03-Dec-2018 Issue Number : 0200280202 Frankly, our production house understands it, knows how to support it and at the price point for a used one, nothing out there touches it. More DR… more features.. less bulky. Good question – and i agree now great value – if you are really needed high quality 4K – we do a lot of 4K video wall work. Canon sells the following two adapters, both with shim kits: 1. Coming from the BMCC and then the Sony A7s, I couldn’t help but feel that I was always buying a camera that had a very specific use with many shortcomings, at least when it came to the professional video world. Prores Raw is a new format, C500 Canon raw is something different. I won’t go into detail on aspects like image quality – this sort of thing has been covered many a time by people much more qualified than myself. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Thank you for posting! C500 with Odyssey is capable of 120FPS in HRaw; also requires RAID over 2SSD trays. Saves on storage a lot too. : http://onefilmproductions.com/canon-c500-external-fan-diy-build/. That said, filling 1TB in just 23 minutes means you’re left with some serious offloading time before you can shoot on the same cards again. Sharing a sensor with the earlier EOS C300 camera, the EOS C500 fulfills the potential of the large (Super 35mm-size), high-resolution (8.8 Mp effective) CMOS imager by offering full 4K RAW output via 3G-SDI. If we wanted to replace it, we’d probably go with a C700 but we can’t see the need. It isn’t that this camera can’t be used for higher-end productions, but they are trying to push the C500 Mark II as a camera that is more suitable for that. Surely the overriding consideration above everything else is what the final image looks like and how straightforward it is to get to it. Nothing really, except they are obsolete! LUT (lookup table) for Canon Log Gamma, Canon Log 10 to Rec.709 10 LUT Version 1.1. Has anyone actually tried to grade 10-bit GH4/GH5 stuff in a mixed-lighting situation!? I think need for speed used these litte puppies alsoo.It opened a lot of possibilities for me, and although its a cine cam “c” you can also make a living ad do photoshoots with this thing. Tim Fok is a freelance commercial DP based in the UK, working globally. I feel like it will serve me well for a long time. I like the C300MK2 for ease of use but the image from C500 is just sharper, fuller and more energetic; and it has a “look” specifically a yellow warmth in the mids and highlights. The Canon EOS C500 Mark II is the perfect expression of form and function, exceptionally adaptable to virtually any production with its modular design. but the 1dc i love it. The Atomos screens are a lot better. Its for me the revolution in filming 4k and with clog, in the palm of your hand. I imagine they will support it eventually, but have to go through some hoops with apple. Log workflows provide the user with higher dynamic range, more highlight and shadow retention, and more flexibility in grading. COVID-19. Get the best deals for canon c500 at eBay.com. In 2019, it’s still a fantastic camera. Testing my solution I got over an hour and a half of no-fan 4K recording. I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on it (somewhere between the price of an FS5 and an FS7) and now I have a camera that can be a C300 for web or low budget shoots or a Hollywood-eque motion picture camera for the higher end stuff (2K 444, 4K, etc.). You can take your C500 RMF files in Cinema RAW Development and make PRORES or DPX for your edit and even final color. A Ronin 2 and Ronin s The rich color palettes and creative lensing typically seen in feature films is becoming increasingly common for documentaries thanks to the EOS C500 4K Digital Cinema Camera and EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR camera from Canon U.S.A., Inc., a … You can replace the fans with better and quieter ones. The same question can be asked about good 480p recording cameras, what’s wrong with them? imho. The EOS C500 can be used with the optional WFT-E6A Wi-Fi transmitter to provide unique capabilities not found in competitive units. Going back to the original question, is the C500 still worth? There r so many workarounds not worth the discounted price. 4 years ago, the Canon C500 was announced as a top level Cinema Camera. The 4K ‘half raw’ works fabulous IF you set your shutter speed to 1/240 and light accordingly…all slo mo examples here are 120p 4K https://www.instagram.com/p/BPOmLa-gOOI/?taken-by=dreamlikepictures. I was curious about Prores RAW supporting C500 as well. Still it’s not worth looking at it now. The standard EF mount is non-locking. And my production house is scouring around looking for more good ones because with the add-ons, it is incredibly versatile and an absolute steal. It falls apart into lizard skintones even at the highest external recorder bitrates. This is a good read and I agree it’s a great camera! Considering the price dropped to equal a C300MKI it was a no brainer for us – even with the extras, Odyssey, batteries, etc. The more I use it, the more impressed I am. The Canon EOS C500 Mark II uses the latest technology from the EOS R-series of Canon mirrorless cameras and puts it into a professional cinema camera that has a modular style to suit lots of different uses. Requires way too many add-ons to make it viable for a modern shoot. I bought a C500 with Odyssey 7Q+ recorder a couple of months ago to operate as a decent in-house body that doesn’t have protected investment when I need to get the likes of an Alexa Mini, Amira or RED EPIC in. Why not just buy a FS5 with raw recording onto a 7Q? hoho i worked a lot with a c500, the picture, its perfect.It was not mine but owned by a small production company. I know the shogun inferno added duel link 3g SDI last year, and pro res raw support last weekend. I’ve even had DoPs ask for it over and above an FS7 Mkii because they’re in love with the image. The difference? You can now find it new at a fraction of its original price, and buying one second hand is frankly a steal. The Odyssey is due for an update too. Jackie .. Digital Intermediate (2K) (master format). Excellent job and then some! Netflix has added the Canon EOS C500 Mark II to its list of approved cameras, enabling documentary and drama filmmakers to use the affordable full-frame Cinema EOS System body as the primary camera for Netflix Originals productions.. Brian Muna yup, I’m happy with that spec too! I will heavily state it as my strength in my marketing canon rmf 4k 60fps….the half raw 120 should be shiny I hope…the only camera that can challenge this is c300 iii…the c300 ii and the 1dx iii can not score the frame rates and prores options…I bought this for £1900 and the recorder lucky bid £800 raw included… So for £2700 I have canon rmf 4k 60…and 120fps 4000×1000 raw ..and various pro res flavours and 12bit 2k dpx…What more can u want…well autofocus would be nice but crane 3 can stabilise this and focus manuel…I was going to spend £10000 This year on gear …and this purchase has taken me leaps ahead..I still will buy bmpcc 6k and r5 maybe 1dx ii ..I am a film maker and one camera for every purpose would be nice but that not realistic…I can’t believe £2700 on another system would get me further than this… I’ll be recording on 1tb drives …So ye….My journey getting this camera is another story for another day but I would love to thank every fool who gave valuable time in helping me accomplish my business I could have not come this far and far I am going…thank u thank u thank u all of you on here cinema5d and even the guy who mad3 the article …c300 mkii cant do 60 …c200 never went to space and they both cost £4800 ++ recording on cfast I am recording on ssd proress… 120fps half raw…I am over the moon and I’ll be recording once I produce footages.

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