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how to cook efo odu

The fish is treated with salt, either in form of strong brine or a surface coating of dry salt. Casey comes to EFO from the Poultry Industry Council where she worked as the Education and Extension Coordinator. You will follow it up by cooking Efo Yanrin(leaves of Launaea Taraxacifolia) in form of a vegetable soup with Epo pupa(red palm oil).You will cook white yam and pound it in in mortal with pestle in form of porridge paste, You will make nine morsel out of it.You will place the nine morsel and yanrin vegetable soup on Osun shrine. The Row’s inimitable refinement is expressed by this charcoal-grey Efo coat which champions pleasing proportions, ensuring you’ll return to it year after year. Corn teaches us the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. I found periwinkles at BIMS in Peckham. WARNING: Onunu is heavy food, it weakens the body thereby inducing sleep. I was actually going to respond to your comment about checking at fishmongers but someone beat me to it. Sadly Chiby’s mum is no longer with us and I hope I did her memory justice. IMOREMI AJASORO Olori Moremi wa lati Ile Ife ,i lu ti won ja ogun lorisirisi,pelu awon eya ti igbo ti o wa ni ile yoruba,opolopo awon omo ile ife ni a ti ko ni eru nigba na. After which you add fresh pepper, and sprinkle in seasoning cubes. ***Agbado Corn-Maize…Magical Ways=Seed of Seeds!!! Add a little more water, just about enough to cook the fish, cover the pan and let it cook. Rivers state being a coastal region, I can understand why this soup is made with so much fish and seafood. I love entertaining, and one of my bad habits is feeding people, so guests beware. Efo odu, Efo efinrin, All traditional Yoruba vegs that could be used for Efo riro. Corn has been used by various tribes over the centuries and used in rituals, it is a symbol of fertility, life, eternity and resurrection. Thus, traditional healers often apply divination and various rituals in order to understand the overall significance of a healing process and counteract its cause. This post is dedicated to the late Mrs Onuegbu. ISE_ANU. The first harvest of Yams during the autumnal season, subsequent to the monsoon season. Now this is my kind of food. Serving solid food in muffin cups. Any choice of leaves you use should only serve as an accent to the soup, just a hint of it, so don’t go overboard. It is truly a delicious dish. Imagine the energy of the food not only sustaining you, but with enchantment bringing about the changes that you want, be at one with the food you eat and the magic you are creating. Sprinkle it in and shake the pot. Start to pound the yams first because of its pulp and stretchy nature, once almost smooth, add the plantain. Yam festival has both religious and economic significance. teme-buru, I learnt something new. It is an Efik dish, Pounding is not easy o. Welcome to Dooney's Kitchen, Dooney! But of course experiments are allowed. Have never forgotten because I enjoyed it so much. Many cultures gave corn, which is regarded as a food of prosperity, protection, and spirituality, a special God or Goddess of its own. Again, like the fish take it out to prevent over cooking. Of which, I dey find achi badly, abeg does anyone know where I can buy it in London? My mother in-law just told me today that she has heard so much about our soup and she wants it… . C ompa nies a ffilia t ed t o IKW str i v efo r opt ima l qua lity sta nda r d s fortheir p r odu c ts. Esu: Rooster, He goat, Akara, Pigeon. The food from south south is so intertwined, Fisherman’s soup is cooked similarly but without thickeners. . Back to my food processor with immediate effect. CLEANERS FORGLASS CERAMIC COOKING FIELDS ... b ythe giv en p r odu c ts t omeetthe e x pec t a t ions of c on-sumers a nd m a n u f acture rs a like. I remember my friend from Rivers state made onunu for me ages ago. Please you guys are mixing this up. After all, a single kernel brings you a tall stalk full of more kernels! As a nonprofit, “Heritage The Vision Continues”, every bit of support helps. Many cultures revered corn as a spiritual element, which is regarded as a symbol of longevity, prosperity, protection, and spirituality. Finish off the pounding, until the palm oil till properly combines, changing the colour to yellow and you finally have Onunu. Seasoning cubes This combination of reduced moisture and salt inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria, a basic principle of all cure meats. To keep the fish intact, carefully take it out and then add the medley of seafood. Dooney, your soup looks delicious as usual! Is that for children or full grown adults? It’s crafted to give the illusion of a double-breasted silhouette from a stonewashed linen blend, structured with a wide waist belt and side-slip pockets with a wide box pleat that adds a fluid drape to the reverse. Fresh pepper – ata rodo or chilli All you have to do is fill out the form. Required fields are marked *. It marks the first harvest of Yams during the autumn season, after the monsoon season. Let us, try to bring out the differences using a set of ‘Evo’ principles. I think the local lingua name for this soup is Odu Folu or Buru Folu (corrections are welcome). She is associated with agricultural fertility and a bountiful harvest. Please share how you do yours, Dooney. Give me the Accountant. free shipping !! Then add the crayfish, stir and taste for salt and seasoning. Traditional medicines in rural sub-Saharan communities recognize that the occurrence of disease can result from the intrusion of negative supernatural forces. Now you are left with this rich fish stock, that smells amazing. Used in ritual, it teaches the mystery of life, death, and rebirth. Hehehehe, I can imagine. Last year the average test score was 61%. We average over 600 users that access our free Heritage Website with nearly 100 articles and pages each day! Key words associated with corn are: Sacred Mother, Protection, Luck, Divination… Corn represents fertility and is used to invoke Mother Earth. Your donation is tax deductible. The Palm fruit is made up of three carpels that fuse to form a drupe with one or a few seeds, covered by a thin seed coat. On the list were a fleshy fish like Tilapia or Croaker. Add a little more water, just about enough to cook the fish, cover the pan and let it cook. So eat it if you are not going out. As for periwinkles, I know I can never find in my corner of the world. Now to Onunu. D e b hits the b o o k s o n e last tim e b efo re th e sum m er. Snake (ejo), and Deer (Agbonrin) OSUN: Abhors Guinea corn (oka baba), Solanum nigrum (efo odu) Solanum macrocarpum(efo osun),Tears, and Sheep(Aguntan) EGUNGUN: Disgust Red monkey (ijimere), Making of fire in the grove, Weeding with hoe in the grove, and Obo (Monkeys) SANGO: Loathe Roebuck (Eran esuro), Yam beans (Ewa Sise) ESU: Black palm kernel Oil (Adin), Hot liquid, Obi gbanja (two eye kola nuts), Dog and tortoise IYAMI: Resent Bitter leaf (ewuro), cow bones (eegun eran), Coconut oil, palm kernel Oil Adin), and Offensive Odor. Only after this offering is completed are people allowed to consume the new crop of yam. In a few minutes roughly 2 – 3, you will notice liquid in the pan from the fish. Cut the fish into 3 or 4 pieces, clean the seafood and set aside. I don’t mean the dried up, overpriced ones they sell at the Asian and African stores o. I’m tired of having to try and sneak some through each time I return from Naija. Pop Star on Praying for Big Boobs, Plastic Surgery & Losing her Virginity at 16 in GQ America’s Feb 2014 Issue, I'm an IT Project Manager by day and a cook the rest of the time. Learn how your comment data is processed. OBATALA: Hates Palm wine (emu), Dog (aja), Palm oil (epo pupa). Interesting because of the way it is prepared. Sisteh, e dey like na “him”… Thanks for clarifying, I just never actually made the switch in my brain to realizing ngolo came out of clam shells. The Yoruba  call it Epo Pupa–Red Oil whereas it is called “Manteca Corojo” in Spanish. I be Potacot Boy. Recently On my way back from a friends place just behind Lagos state university, I happened to pass by a mini leafy vegetable plantation very close to the main road filled with lots of indigenous leafy vegetables and herbs Nigeria. Sharing a meal with friends or those you love is a ritual in itself, there is a certain energy associated with this simple pleasure, and with the Ritual of food our life is sustained. If you live abroad, I guess Sea bass, Red bream or even Grouper will work. I stick to cocoyam because I am sure of what I will get.

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